FIT CC 2022 – Platinasti sponsor - HulkApps

Napisao/la FIT Mostar - Objavljeno 24.05.2022. 20:52

HulkApps is amongst the leading experts in Shopify, stretching across three continents and numbering more than 180 employees. We pride ourselves on solving tough technical challenges and building beautiful, practical, and effective websites that engage and convert. Also, we are here to embrace the future of commerce and make it better for everyone - it was always about the people. By having the right mindset and striving to grow with every experience, we take pride in the value we provide - for all our merchants, for all our entrepreneurs!

We care about our merchants, partners, and employees, who are a part of more than 100,000 businesses worldwide. We are the go-to destination for Shopify merchants looking to grow their business.

Back in 2012, we began creating Shopify Themes. With 11+ Premium Shopify Themes in the market, we learned that merchants needed something more to succeed, so we built our apps on the Shopify App Store. Since creating our first app in 2017, we have made 20 more apps and have no intent on stopping there.

With a perfect blend of creativity and technical expertise, we’ve built a strong community that believes in teamwork, communication, pushing boundaries, and staying up to date with trends each time for our merchants.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have a team that numbers 44 employees, and our intentions are to not stop there.

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